torsdag den 16. juni 2011

Improving Chess Method: Pawn Chess

If you want to improve your opening, middle and endgame, a tip I will give you is to play pawn chess.
It starts out like normal, but only with pawns:
Then it is normal chess rules, and the won who takes all the opponents pawns, or the one who'll get a promotion first, Have won.
Now, You can look at how you actually play the openings with the pawns. This will improve your Opening.
The middlegame in pawn chess is just a simpler form of normal middle game, so this will also improve.
And the endgame will improve greatly if you learn how to play with the pawns correctly.
Remember En Passant!

Remember that one of The main themes in Pawn chess is getting your opponent into zugzwang: That is when he has a good position, But he is forced to move, then he will lose his good position.
You can play this against a Chess computer online right now ! Pawn Chess
The site is danish, you have to live with it, or you can google translate it. Click on "bondeskak" and then in the level you want.
If you want to make your own position, Click on "Opstil stilling"

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