fredag den 17. juni 2011

Annotated Game: Greco vs. NN (1619)

This will be a little annotated game.
1. e4 b6
This is The Owen Defense. It is not very common, But it threatens with a fianchetto.
2. d4 Bb7
White tries to own the center, as this is a Opening principle. Black makes a Fianchetto with the bishop and threatens e4 and maybe later g2.
3. Bd3 f5
White develops, and black offers the Matovinsky Gambit, if white exf5 then the bishop takes on g2 and will then take the Rook.
4. exf5?! Bxg2
White accepts the Gambit, and black goes to action.

5. Qh5+! g6
 White makes a check and blacks only move is g6.

6. fxg6 Nf6
White takes the pawn, and black then attacks the Queen.

7. gxh7+ Nxh5
It looks like White is going to lose, but this is actually a mate in one position : 
This is one of my favorite games from Greco, I love his sacrificial way of playing, but if he had played now, he surely would have lost against the masters.
See ya next time!

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