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General Opening principles

So, the first step in the game is the opening.
Later on I will write about some particular openings, but this is the ideas of most openings.
This will Require you know how to play chess, a tutorial about that later.

The Centre

The squares in the red square is called the center. It is a good thing if you "Dominate" the center, which means the side with most pieces attacking or defending the center. Here are some examples:
Here white dominates the center. Actually no one plays ...h6 , but this is just a example.

In this position, The center is not dominated by anyone, this is equal. Actually nearly all the games you play in the start is this.

Here, white dominates the center, but black can attack the center with for example Bxe4

Quick development

To develop pieces is a important thing in chess. As a thumb rule, the more you can move, the better. Get all the pieces out, ready for battle. Here are some examples again : 
Here white and black both have good development. They can get the important pieces out and this is very equal.

Here white has the center, but also he is ready to develop his knights, queen, bishops and then castle.

Castle Fast
Castling is a good thing to do in the opening, since you king comes to security. 
Here both have castled, and this will be an very equal game.

Knights Before Bishops

You have maybe heard of this before, but in the opening its good to develop the knights before bishops, because in the opening it is a bit more useful with knights.

Not Queen out to early
In openings, generally you should not get the queen out early. It is a known blunder that a queens get locked and cant get out.

That was it. Until next time, have fun !

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