fredag den 8. juli 2011

Cracking Chess

Ok, I saw this page About chess and math, and in the comments they talked about cracking chess / memorizing chess.

In the past I memorized much, I still remember about 40 decimals of pi ( fluently in danish )
The record in memorizing pi is 100.000 decimals, but if you "just" use a year on it i think you can memorize 10.000 (with the right method).

If we are experienced in chess, now some openings and know what to do and what not to do, (for example, I am sure you know what you will do against e4, if you dont, you have a problem) this will maybe get the number of positions to remember down by 5%.

Another thing you can do is memorizing endgame and mating patterns. I think this will improve your chess greatly. I think that if you learn the principles in all 3 and 4 men positions, and with the right method, you will improve much.

I will post more on this interesting topic later!

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